Monday, October 18, 2010

Of birthdays and cakes

Pretty much all of our family birthdays are in August, September and October. Laneah and Eliam turned three and one and we had a lot of fun on their special days.

My mom and I love to make their birthday cakes. We did one from a Debbie Brown book and bought one 3D cake form. It's easier than it looks. It is just playing with food!

Eliam got a big green dragon. I love to play with fondant. You can model anything you dream of. I am personally not too fond of the ├╝ber├╝bersweetness but it looks great and the cake tasted so good. Birthday boy had a green diaper the day after. :D
Laneah's cake was a toal disaster. I will never do icing again. I'm used to fondant and wanted to try something new, but after we had 16 packs of powedered sugar in the air and in the bowl it just wouldn't turn out good and we decided to do it our way. But she loved it anyway. It was pink and that's all that mattered to her.


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