Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference

Wow! What a spiritual feast it has been! In our church we get to listen to our prophet and apostles twice a year in a special conference. They share the most inspiring messages.
I've been busy with preparations for the kids in church and my own kids for weeks now. Thanks to and Scriptures4kids they had some great activity books to keep them busy during sessions. I also made some bags with snacks and activities in them and each bag had the face of an apostle attached to it. Whenever an apostle spoke they got the pick the bag with his face on it. Laneah couldn't wait for Elder Bednar to speak because she saw the candy lipstick in the Bednar bag. This is their tent to sit in and listen to President Monson.

This is how my husband taught the kids about King Benjamin and listening to our prophets. Haha...he's still a kid himself.

Eliam loved all the "families" in their tents.

Laneah also colored some easter eggs, Eliam liked the eating part better.

He did not get why his sister was drawing on eggs. Funny little guy.

We had our favorite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and went for walks inbetween sessions to keep the parents calm and the kids sane. :)

I felt all the work paid off when Eliam came downstairs in the morning, ran to the Computer and said "Monson, Monson!"and in the evening when he went to bed he blew kisses to President Monson on the screen and said "Bye Monson!"

I love our prophet dearly and will do my best to follow him and teach my kids to do so as well. What a great Conference it was. Satan must hate post-Conference Mondays when everybody has renewed spiritual energy and desire to do better and gained stronger testimonies.


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You are such an inspiration!

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